Touch the History on Governors Island

“Many people have imagined the future for Governors Island, and we think it’s also wonderful to imagine the island’s past.”

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 … said Leslie Koch (President Governors Island Preservation and Education Company) on The Archaeological Dig in The New York Times

Some pictures of visitors on the archaeological site:

Some comments from the guestbook:

Fascinating and edifying historical treasure (09/20/09)

Goverthing shall forever live on in my heart and spirit (09/19/09)

Cool dig (09/18/09)

Great! Very interesting human stories. José emerges as a kind of tragic hero. Loved Josés gas station (09/18/09)

Glenn & Mike have now completed their world tour of snow globe manufacturing sites! Bravi to the archaeologists for this find (09/13/09)

Made my day and trip over to the island totally worthwile (09/12/09)

The joy of a child is the discovery of a unknown world beneath their foots (09/12/09)

We are so impressed! Just when I thought I couldn’t love Governors Island anymore than I did – Enter the discovery of Goverhting! Incredible! (09/12/09)

Fantastic preservation of an important historical time period in American history. Cheers to the Belgian team for sharing & revealing these important artefacts with the citizens of NYC. This is classic 50’s America! (09/10/09)

  1. thank you for providing helmets. it would not be a good thing to hurt your head while you are being indoctrinated. Nice work 😉

  2. I am so impressed!! Such wonderful work! Thank you Belgiuminings.

    I love snow globes. My mother had a copy of the two polar bear chasing the boy globe. She was an immigrant. I love bears.

  3. As chancellor of the International Scholars for the study of American Snowglobe History and Manufacturing (ISASHAM) may I congratulate you for your splendid discovery, and commend the pedagogical value of your archaeological dig and exhibition. Those of us who have dedicated our lives to the research and further understanding of American snowglobes have been left breathless at the sight of your invaluable artifacts. Snowglobes rule!

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