Touch the History on Governors Island

an amazing archaeological site

This winter, during demolition works on Governors Island in preparation for the site of the future park, contractors by accident discovered the remains of a disappeared hamlet. Since then, an archaeological team from Flanders (Belgium) has been examining this part of the island.

For safety reasons, the archaeologists conducted their excavations out of public sight until September.

The site will be exclusively open to the public, until the closing of Governors Island on October 11th.

The archaeologists are really amazed by their discoveries, and thrilled to be able to share the site with the public during this unique opportunity.

  1. I recently visited “the Dig” then googled Goverthing & read the NY Times article of 9/19/09. Now I have more Qs than ever before.Assuming this is not a hoax… Has anyone petitioned the US Armed Forces under the Right to InformationAct for info re: Goverthing? Why was it permitted to exist?When did it start? Did it provide a function for the Govt?& those snowglobes ?!
    Was the snowglobe factory a “beard”? Bootlegging during Prohibition? Spying during WW11?What chemicals & metals were used to make the snowglobes? Has the soil been recently tested for heavy metal contamination? I could go on & on……

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